My CNF piece for a literary mag (Philadelphia Stories) is being republished for their 15th anniversary! if you’re in the philly or NJ area, you can get the mag for free! TW for mental health, abuse, suicide mention. take care of yourselves, lovelies 🥰

The piece is called Seaming, and is in equal parts a reflection of my complicated relationship with mental illness and my complicated relationship with my mother.

You can read it here. Please comment below if you have any thoughts on the piece! I’d love to know what you think.


five moments.

the first when we were children
barely melded by the universe
a first scar
formed on the knee
later will be held against time

i say to you my final goodbye,
our future uncertain,
you kiss my lips
at eight years old
this is the first moment
we connected

i’ll take you as my bride,
i laugh,
because i can feel it
and this terrifies me.

the second, still children
taken by others
a sea rests between us
an ocean,
you correct me

we don’t hold hands, this time,
don’t ride one bike together
but we sit on Our Bench,
five inches of space between us
knees aching to hit
one another

the third,
and we’re together
i write for ages
about two puzzle pieces
who happen to fit

but the ocean is still between us,
the fear is still within me,
so i leave.

i take a year to leave.
you disappear for two.

and you return
this time
i’m not afraid