she. [a series]


with sunshine
in her hair
and the ocean
in her eyes,
i tasted
her strawberry coated lips
(that the sun had grown
for me)

with blue eyes
i’ve been seeing
for a long time,

fair hair
and a
wry smile,

taller than me
by some,
but that’s not difficult—
at 5’1″
i barely scream

an eternity of distance
between us,
yet still
manages to be
the other side of my coin.

i am
coca-cola lips
—syrupy energy—
long sleeved
black sweaters
and ripped jeans

she is
summer sweat
—somehow sweet—
white sundresses
and sandals

we are
unabashed laughter,
shameless kisses
with our pinkies wrapped
these promises
will never
be broken

…more to come…


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